Commercial HVAC Services


When your industrial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning unit fails at your place of business, it can cause a large problem.  Business operations are likely to significantly slow down due to unbearable heat or the winter chill. Your employees will ultimately be less productive, and clients might be driven away. Then, getting a contractor to fix the problem on an emergency basis is a nightmare in and of itself. This reactive approach to your HVAC system is costly and unsustainable.


Instead of being reactionary, you want to have your HVAC system regularly maintained. There are numerous benefits to having your system serviced on a regular basis, including but not limited to the following:


Fewer Breakdowns and Longer Equipment Lifespan


Regular maintenance ensures that minor problems are identified and dealt with early on, in turn, this saves you from significant downtime and expense that may have occurred had the issue resulted in a major breakdown. It also reduces the frequent need to replace parts of the system which can be costly. The long-term benefit is the longevity of the system’s lifespan.


A commercial HVAC system lifespan is dependent on the quality of maintenance. With minimal or no maintenance, the average duration is 7 years for a standard unit. It can drop to as low as 5 years if poorly managed. On the other hand, well-maintained machines have an average lifespan of 15 years. That is more than double the duration of operation, all thanks to proper maintenance.


The Financial Benefit of Scheduled Maintenance


The financial benefit of scheduled maintenance is the eye-opener and leading reason why most building managers sign up for scheduled management plans. The savings are a direct result of a reduction in both operating and maintenance expenses. The areas of saving include:


  1. Energy: Well-maintained systems operate at optimum levels and consume less energy. On average, energy consumption is reduced by 15-20%, and so is the energy bill. Even just a 15% reduction translates to thousands of dollars in savings.


  1. Maintenance Cost: Statistically, companies save between 12-18% on maintenance by adapting the scheduled maintenance approach. Contractors charge higher fees for emergency appointments than for scheduled appointments. Also, when seeking emergency services, they have the upper hand in the bargain, and you will be forced to settle for whatever price they offer. The reverse this happens when shopping for a scheduled maintenance plan. Contractors are the ones wooing you to sign with them. You get to pick a company that suits you, both in price and quality of service.


  1. System Replacement Cost: Very few buildings insure their HVAC systems. This means they have to bear the replacement cost, either singly or by apportioning. The replacement is costly and often dents the year’s profits significantly. By adapting scheduled maintenance, you reduce the frequency with which you will have to replace your HVAC system. Additionally, you will rarely have to purchase spare parts in case of a breakdown.


Maximized Business Productivity:


This is an often-overlooked factor despite how vital it is in the current competitive commercial world. The experience one gets in any building is centered on its systems; lighting, plumbing, air conditioning and heating. These are the make or break factors that will determine whether your business outshines its competitors. It is not uncommon to stumble upon a bad review online where customers are complaining about horrible bathroom facilities, no heating, or poor air conditioning.  A single negative review on Yelp costs you, customers. So you definitely do not want a customer ranting about poor air conditioning online.


For office or production companies, poor working environment directly translates to a decline in employee productivity. This eventually leads to lower revenue and lower returns. For landlords, unmaintained systems result in a high turnover of tenants. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance thus guaranteeing optimal running of your business solves all these problems


In summary, scheduling commercial HVAC maintenance is a smart move from both financial and management perspective. It is a way of anticipating and dealing with problems of HVAC systems before they arise. Other than the massive financial benefits, it comes with the advantage of optimal functioning of your building systems, thus creating an environment that favors business prosperity. It’s, therefore, time to say bye to the reactive approach to maintenance, and secure a scheduled maintenance plan for your building’s HVAC system.

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